DANZA MACABRA (Entrevista Exclusiva) (Tech House, Techno, House) Danza Macabra Records, Eslovenia (Slovenia)

Son pocas las veces en qué nos emocionamos escuchando nuevos artistas. Es por eso que hoy les presentamos uno de esos proyectos que te sacan una sonrisa y te hacen fanático de el en el instante, les hablo de Danza Macabra, dúo esloveno compuesto por Martin Rojnik y Edin Chuturic, quienes se tomaron un poco de su tiempo para responder una pequeña entrevista que preparamos en Boombox, esto con la finalidad de que los conozcan y se empapen de lo que consideramos un proyecto que esta por tomar como Rehén las pistas de baile de todo el Mundo.

Recientemente estrenaron su label llamado de igual forma Danza Macabra Records, de el cual los mantendremos informados constantemente ya que se vienen cosas buenísimas y podemos ya decir que es de nuestros nuevos sellos favoritos en Boombox!!!!

Sin más que decir les compartimos esta pequeña entrevista que representa la tercera edición de esta sección en Boombox. (Después de Rebolledo y Dj's Pareja no podíamos ofrecer nada mejor)


B: Where do you get the name of Danza Macabra?

DM: Danza Macabra is part of our philosophy and perception. In English translation it means Dance Of Death and we are presenting it more as a warning, as a gentle whisper on your ear that if we continue dividing ourselves, judging each other, destroying our mother earth we will have serious consequences. Our music is a gentle whisper with a strong message. We want you to believe that you can change the world - that each and every one of us can make a difference, for it is not about who you are, but about the energy you are willing to spend in order to make this world a better place, to take it a step away from destruction.

B: What is the social atmosphere like in Ljubljana, Slovenia? How are people there responding to your music on the dance floor?

DM: Scene in Slovenia and all Eastern Europe is becoming stronger and stronger. Our 2 million people country holds some great dj's and producers as Umek and Valentino Kanzyani. Our music is very well excepted here because it's very emotional, melodic and brings groove to the floor.

B: His best gig, and the worse.

DM: Probably D-Edge in Sao Paulo was on of the best. It's hard to expose one because in every night you can find some miraculous moments.

B: Let’s talk a bit about your record label. besides yourself, who else is involved and what’s gonna be the musical line that will follow inside of it?

DM: Behind Danza Macabra Records there is me as Martin Rojnik and my partner Edin Chuturic with whom we produce, play together, manage label, work with web design, design clothes and organize events.

Our record label supports artists with more sensible, emotional and melodic music which brings a smile to everybody faces and a twinkle in their eyes, even if it is merely a fleeting one. We have just released our first EP Exotic Stranger with Patrick Zigon remix. You can already find it on Beatport.

Latest tracks by Danza Macabra Records

"Enjoyable stuff, Secret manipulation is the standout track for me."

Tokyo Blackstar:
"Sectret Manipulation is beaitiful!"

Nick Warren:
"I love the original of "Exotic Stranger" and Patrick's remix is great but for me "Secret
Manipulation" steals the show, Epic!"

Forian Meindl:
"Nice moods, I like the original and Patrick's remix!"

Alland Byallo:
"It's well made and pretty."

B: What kind of music do you guys like off the stage?

DM: So many people influenced on us, from many different genres. We can point out few as Gotan Project, Jann Tiersen, Dustin O'halloran, Kate Bush, Laurent Garnier, Henrih Schwarz, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Massive Attack, Joy Division and many others.

B: What do you think about the ilegal distribution of the music by the Blogs?

They are pain in the ass. :)

B: As a final question, what we can wait from Danza Macabra as an Artists & Record label for the 2011.

Many new production on our label and quality international guests. Especially we will try to spread universal love around the globe and of course to the México.

Latest tracks by Danza Macabra

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